Sep 07, 2017 02:30 PM EST

Star Wars and Marvel Films to be Removed from Netflix in 2019

Star Wars and Marvel Films to be Removed from Netflix in 2019
Disney CEO Bob Iger has announced that the company will be bringing its Marvel and StarWars films to their new streaming service, causing another possible blow to Netflix. This comes after the announcement made last month about Disney releasing their own streaming service, removing their content from Netflix.

"We've now decided we will put the Marvel and ‘Star Wars' movies on this app as well,"  said Iger during his announcement at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media's communications and entertainment conference.

Iger also announced that Disney's streaming service will go live sometime in late 2019 and will include four or five original films. It will, of course, also offer all the content that it will be pulling from Netflix and other originals.

Pricing has not been made available for the service yet.

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