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Midnight, Texas: Fiji’s secrets and Big Choice

Midnight, Texas: Fiji’s secrets and Big Choice
Helloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!!!   Before I start this week's preview let me begin by apologizing for not posting a preview of this past week's episode but Hurricane Irma knocked the power out and by the time I got it back it was Wednesday and you had already seen episode eight. But now that life in Florida is getting back to normal I can go back to one of my favorite indulgences… Midnight, Texas.  So without further ado… here goes.

Let's first do a little recap of last week.  Holy Cow!  Well now we know the name of Fiji's demon and that he has chosen her for his own.  However, we still don't know why.  And that sacrifice!  What the heck!?!  As I mentioned two weeks ago, some of the production value isn't as strong as it might be for a feature film so the special effect can look a little cheesy at times.  The ground opening up in a fiery blaze and swallowing those faceless bodies is one of these times, unfortunately. However, the point was made and now we have an even stronger demon lurking just below the surface.

Besides that gory action, we watched most of our couples on the show break up.  We knew Manfred and Creek were over and Fiji and Bobo as well but this week we got to witness the demise of Olivia and Lem and what a demise it was!   A drag down, knock out fight without a winner.  Something tells me none of our couples are finished for good but for now, they are all "taking a break" so that leaves only Joe and Chuy.  And can I mention how sad I am to see Xylda go?  I love her and her practical wisdom for Manfred so I'm hoping she returns at some point.

You will just have to tune in to see how she handles it all and what other secrets she has been keeping (they are good ones!).  In other news, I have started reading the books by Charlaine Harris and I must say I am loving the first one.  I read all the Sookie Stackhouse books that True Blood was based on so I already know I enjoy her writing but I am happy to say these books are good as well.  If you haven't started reading them yet, I suggest picking them up!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy episode nine!  (and please pray Hurricane Maria shifts away from Florida and doesn't hit us.  I don't think this state can take another hit so soon and I for one don't want to go another four days without power!)

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