Oct 23, 2017 04:43 PM EST

Concourse Media Launches Moviebill with Regal Entertainment Group

Concourse Media Launches Moviebill with Regal Entertainment Group
Concourse Media has announced that they, alongside Regal Entertainment Group, will be releasing Moviebill, a new interactive product that has been crafted to enhance and extend the 21st-century movie-going experience. James Andrew Felts and Matthew Shreder, Concourse Media principals made the announcement.

"Circuits like Regal have done an incredible job at enhancing the theatrical experience," added Matthew Shreder, co-founder and publisher of Moviebill. "We're excited to be launching this new product early next year to give moviegoers more content about the movies they've paid to see, as part of their ticket price."

Created by Shreder and Felts, Moviebill is a multi-faceted augmented reality platform driven by the hand-to-hand distribution of its flagship product, a 28-page premium-quality handbill.  Each issue of Moviebill is tailor-made and will promote one of the most highly anticipated blockbuster movies of the year. The editions will be hand delivered directly to each moviegoer at Regal theatres. Editions will be free for ticket holders of the featured movie and will only be available at Regal Cinemas starting on the opening weekend of each movie's wide release. 

"Moviebill provides an experience for moviegoers that helps bring the movie to life and promotes a deeper connection to the movies in our theatres," said Ken Thewes, CMO, Regal Entertainment Group.  "We chose to incorporate Moviebill because it continues our goal of enhancing the moviegoing experience, giving movie fans more of what they want directly in their hands."
To accompany each edition, readers will access never-before-seen augmented reality activations and exclusive digital content.  A custom visual recognition scanner, built directly into the Regal Cinemas App, will bring the content to life and create a multi-faceted, seamless online and offline experience.  Moviebill will be available on all 7 + million of Regal Cinemas App user's devices at launch, making it the largest entertainment-focused augmented reality platform to date.

All major film studios will be taking part in Moviebill to give customers the best moviegoing experience possible. 

"Moviegoers expect the highest level of entertainment and Moviebill provides an opportunity to deliver more value to those premium consumers at the place where they provide our industry with the greatest return," said Shreder.

The inaugural edition will be announced later this year for a 2018 launch.
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