Nov 24, 2017 07:57 PM EST

Jason Momoa Confirms Man of Steel Aquaman Rumors

Jason Momoa Confirms Man of Steel Aquaman Rumors

Justice League was released on November 17, and we finally got to see some of our DC favorites get together on screen. And while it seems that maybe the paths of these superheroes are random, it was confirmed by Jason Momoa (Aquaman) that, in fact, they aren't.

There were always rumors that Aquaman was behind the rescue of Clark Kent in Man of Steel after the oil rig explosion, and during a recent interview, Momoa confirmed it.

"I'll give you a cool little thing that's not in this movie [...] In 'Man of Steel' when Henry's on the oil rig, he's holding that up and then all of a sudden you see him up on the ocean, kind of floats up on the ocean. [Zack Snyder]'s like, 'I had [Aquaman] save him so that they'd get to cross paths at one point so then when Bruce goes, 'You ever heard of [Superman]?' I have, and we have crossed paths."

In Man of Steel, Kent is thrown into the sea, knocked unconscious and saved by whales that we now know Aquaman sent. 

From the comics, we know that the oil rig that exploded is the property Merrevale Oil corporation, and was a setup from the company to frame the Sea Devils, who worked with Aquaman to clean up the disaster, tying together the two characters.

Justice League has earned over $315 million at the box office.      
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