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No Postage Necessary Will Restore Your Faith That Love Can Conquer All

No Postage Necessary Will Restore Your Faith That Love Can Conquer All
Do you really believe a person can change?  Can a tiger really change his stripes? Can convicted felons stop doing what got them into trouble in the first place? If writer/director Jeremy Culver (Radical Kindness) is to be believed then Sam (George Blagden; Vikings) definitely can change.  All it would take is a good woman.  Such is the premise of No Postage Necessary, Culver's full-length feature film debut.  A Romantic Comedy, the movie takes the viewer on a journey I'm not sure the characters are really ready to make themselves.

Sam is an ex-con convicted of internet crimes whose probation prohibits him from touching any device with internet access.  He lives on his brother's couch, works at a soft serve ice cream stand and has scheduled weekly visits with his probation officer.  In his spare timehe pretends to be a mail carrier to steal people's mail and rifle through envelopes and packages looking for cash.  Yes, it is illegal and violates his probation but so far he hasn't been caught.  Then one day he collects a letter addressed to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Intrigued he opens it to discover a letter written to a dead soldier (could have seen that one coming) by his widow, Josie (Charleene Closshey; An Evergreen Christmas).

Touched by Josie's words, Sam can't seem to shake the letter or Josie and basically begins stalking her in an attempt meet and get to know her.  Meanwhile, the FBI agent who arrested Sam, Agent Ames (Stelio Savante; Starship Troopers 3: Marauder), shows up asking about some bitcoins that have been stolen.  Ames is skeptical when Sam tells him he doesn't know anything about the bitcoins, follows Sam on his "postal route" and basically threatens Sam to find the coins or else go back to jail.  Sam and Josie also start seeing each other and things seem wonderful until Sam gets arrested and has to tell Josie the truth.

Blagden makes what could be a completely unlikable character less unbearable. He has a boyish charm that is endearing and disarming making the audience understand how Josie could fall for him.  Closshey plays Josie somewhat pathetically and you aren't sure whether to feel sorry for her or slap her and tell her to snap out of it like Cher does in Moonstruck.  However, perhaps only a military widow could understand what her character is going through.  Supporting cast members Robbie Kay (Once Upon A Time), Michael Beach (Third Watch) and Raymond J. Barry (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) round out this cast well.

The script is at best cheesy with dialogue that is sometimes groanworthy. The plot is unique for a rom-com but also highly unbelievable to me.  I'm not one to buy into the idea that a tiger can completely change their stripes and certainly not as fast as Sam seems to do it.  His turn around is lightning fast and granted his character had some likable qualities to begin with, but he still STOLE MONEY FROM OTHER PEOPLE'S MAIL!!!!  I'm sorry but I find that to be pretty unforgivable.  Then he lies to the military widow on top of that and he comes across cocky when he speaks about his computer hacking skills.  Sam comes across mildly schizophrenic as well.  Blagden has an "aw shucks" factor that helps Sam garner sympathy from the audience despite the fact that he really doesn't deserve any (or very little to say the least). Had another actor playedthis part I'm pretty sure it would have been a completely different film altogether.

This is not exactly your typical romantic comedy partially because you don't necessarily want to root for this couple to end up together based on Sam's questionable actions in the past. The film does leave it as a question mark at the end which is at least a breath of fresh air in the sameness of every other rom-com out there but I don't know that it is enough to make the film work.  I guess it all depends on your take of the situation so watch it and decide for yourself.

NO POSTAGE NECESSARY is the first-ever feature film to release via Blockchain on July 10th and in select theaters July 6th. 

Grade: B

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