Dec 17, 2018 04:46 PM EST

Daredevil's Amy Rutberg Speaks About Netflix Canceling Daredevil

Daredevil's Amy Rutberg Speaks About Netflix Canceling Daredevil
With the recent Marvel cancellations going on at Netflix, many were left wondering why this was occurring all at once. Given the success of the shows, especially Daredevil, many fans were surprised some of these shows got the ax. Well, fans weren't the only ones confused; cast members were just as shocked with the Daredevil cancellation.

Amy Rutberg commented about the news, saying "My contacts at Marvel were very surprised. Any of the rumors that it was a Marvel decision are wrong, I think it was purely a Netflix decision. That comes from personal conversations with people high up at Marvel. They were surprised." She went on to say, "We had heard rumors we would start production as early as February 2019. It's a little unusual to be that far ahead in the planning and cancel the show, which makes me think Netflix was laboring over whether or not to cancel it. My guess was it was not an easy decision."

Rutberg's co-star Charlie Cox, who played Daredevil, even called the cancellation "painful" and a writer for the show, Sam Ernst, took to twitter when the news broke.

"Man, so weird to be in the Daredevil writers room today, getting the news that we're cancelled.  On the walls were an entire season 4 laid out - and it was so f***g cool.  So many moments we wanted the fans to see...  Sigh, this business", said Ernst.

Only time will tell if this series will eventually get picked back up. Disney, who owns Marvel, will be launching their own streaming service and many think that perhaps Daredevil could turn up over there.
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