Nov 26, 2007 10:57 AM EST

Christian Bale Rumored To Star in Terminator 4

Christian Bale Rumored To Star in Terminator 4
It has been rumored that Christian Bale will be starring in the upcoming Terminator movie. It remains to be seen which part Bale will be playing. Some have said John Connor; others have said the Terminator himself, while others say he will be a new character being introduced to the series.  People are tending to believe that Bale will be playing the Terminator, seeing as how he is the most important role. 
The film's title will be "Terminator 4 Salvation: The Future Begins" and will be set in the future. The plot will follow a full scale battle between Skynet and the human race. The film is slated for release in 2009.
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