Mar 12, 2019 12:12 PM EST

Disney Announces 21st Century Fox Acquisition Date

Disney Announces 21st Century Fox Acquisition Date
Disney has announced that their closing date for their acquisition of 21st Century Fox will be March 20.

The news was made known in a release from Disney that stated they had received its last major approval from regulators in Mexico. Shareholders will have until Thursday to decide how much cash and Disney stock to receive after the acquisition, which totals $71.3 billion.

Disney had originally made the deal for $52.4 billion but after Comcast put in a bid, Disney had no choice but to raise its offer. Disney and Comcast were also both vying for European pay-TV giant Sky at the time, which Comcast ultimately won.

The acquisition will officially take effect March 20, 2019 and 12:02am Eastern Time.
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