Apr 02, 2019 04:42 PM EST

Fathom Completes Rollout of Cinergy Event Monitoring System

Fathom Completes Rollout of Cinergy Event Monitoring System
Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC (DCIP) announced today that Fathom Events, the recognized leader in the event cinema industry, has completed the rollout of DCIP's Cinergy Event Monitoring system. And, now, you can see Cinergy demonstrated at CinemaCon 2019 in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Booth 2417A. 

"We are very excited to complete the rollout of Cinergy's Event Monitoring, which allows us to easily track and control our in-theater events," said Lynne Schmidt, VP of Operations & Strategic Partnerships for Fathom Events. "Event Monitoring is an important part of our business and Cinergy helps us to ensure the best possible presentation for our guests." 

Cinergy's Event Monitoring provides Fathom with a centralized "Command Center" that allows them to monitor the status and health of their events, as well as providing centralized control of playback across their extensive footprint. Fathom can easily monitor their content via DCIP's Event Monitoring system across a nationwide network of over 1,000 theater locations. Event Monitoring also allows Fathom robust scheduling capabilities and in-depth root cause analysis of event failures to ensure audiences the best experience possible. In addition to Event Monitoring, Fathom has been utilizing Cinergy Event Booking and Cinergy Event Billing for several years, which link to their financial system for seamless operation across their entire organization. 

Rich Manzione, President and CEO of DCIP, added "Our friends at Fathom have been great partners and we highly value our ongoing relationship with Lynne and her team. The Event Monitoring system that we've developed further demonstrates the versatility of DCIP's Cinergy platform and our ability to meet the needs of a diverse customer base." 
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