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CEO Ray Nutt Discusses The Exciting Changes Happening At Fathom Events

CEO Ray Nutt Discusses The Exciting Changes Happening At Fathom Events
Fathom Events is currently the premier event cinematic content provider in the United States.  Founded in 2004 it has grown throughout the years to offer unique content all over the country.  Currently serving over one thousand locations, they bring classic movies, sporting events, Broadway shows and the Metropolitan Opera to the masses who otherwise would not be able to enjoy such entertainment.  Since 2017 CEO Ray Nutt, a thirty-year veteran of the movie theater industry has overseen the company, owned by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc., and Regal Cinemas.  Mr. Nutt took some time to speak with me about the exciting offerings coming to cinemas this year courtesy of Fathom Events.

The big announcement made at the beginning of April was the integration of DCIP's Cinergy Event Monitoring system. Though Fathom has used some of their software internally for years, this latest addition "...will allow us and allow them to look into theaters in a much more efficient way so we can manage our events a lot more than we did before." Nutt stated. "It gives the technology guys to take a look into the theaters so if there are issues that are going on...we can resolve them".  This advancement will move Fathom Events into the next level for customer service.

Besides this new development, Nutt also discussed upgrades to the management staff that has occurred in the last year. "Every critical position within the organization... has been upgraded.  It doesn't happen without great people and right now we have a fantastic management staff that is acquiring content that is great, marketing content that is great..." Nutt explained.  He also mentioned the recent upgrade to their network with Dish network and expanded the network to over 1,100 theaters nationwide.

As we spoke Nutt explained Fathom is also expanding overseas. "The other thing that has happened is that we are distributing content internationally...We just announced a partnership with Cinevents out of the UK." This means that not only will Fathom Events be distributing their content in Europe but that they are obtaining new content from this partnership. "What's great about this partnership is that we're bringing content to the table that may make sense for them...and likewise they're bringing content to us."  This will include a terrific live piece coming from the Dali Llama. "It's a great partnership, a great relationship that is really just getting kicked off. This will take us to the next level internationally." Nutt continued.

With such wonderful content already being offered, Nutt looks forward to future growth.  "There are a few verticals we are looking at... we've done a good job of getting into the Broadway space but that's one that I feel like we can develop even further. We're bringing 42nd Street to theaters."  Fathom is also looking to help Networks develop their content.  Fathom is currently working with all the major networks and recently hired a former executive from HBO to talk to all the networks on a regular basis. Nutt told me, "It's an expansion we're really looking forward to".

One thing is for certain - Fathom Events shows no signs of slowing down or resting on their laurels.  "We will continue to do added value with all-out content", Nutt remarked. As the twelfth largest distributor in North America, the company is always looking for ways to expand and come up with new ideas to entice audiences to leave their homes and venture out to Movie Theaters.

Later this month catch the remastered Oscar-winning film Ben-Hur as it celebrates its 60th anniversary, as well as, a presentation of Tolkien: Live from the Montclair Film Festival with Stephen Colbert on May 7, 2019.


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