Halloween Horror Nights 30 – Part Deux

By Allison Rose, FlickDirect
 Sep 07, 2021 09:50 AM EST
Halloween Horror Nights 30 – Part Deux

We all can admit that 2020 was a strange year where we were all afraid to leave our homes for fear of getting sick.  By the fall, people were slowly making their way out in public again but major events, including the Summer Olympics, were postponed.  Included in this delay was the 30th-anniversary celebration of Universal Orlando Resorts' Halloween Horror Nights.   As amusement parks tentatively reopened, Universal, wisely, decided it wasn't the time to host their annual "scarefest" Halloween Horror Nights.  Not wanting to disappoint fans, they opened two houses for a limited time and offered access to the Beetlejuice house for two days only.

One year later everyone has pushed the reset button and the full Halloween Horror Nights event opened September 3, 2021, albeit with a few noticeable changes.  Everyone must wear masks inside the houses, including the scare actors (though many had them on under their costume masks), and plexiglass or thick plastic sheeting separated the scare actors from guests.  However, this added a new level of scares at times since the scare actors could just bang on the plexiglass to cause guests to jump and scream.

As in years past, there were ten houses, five scare zones, and two shows.  Universal brought back the water/laser show they debuted in 2019, Marathon of Mayhem where laser images are cast upon water fountains as rock music blasts across the lagoon.  The other show, Halloween Nightmare Fuel, is presented on the Fear Factor stage and includes lots of fire, aerialists, and pyro set to rock, metal, and electronic music.  Both shows give guests a chance to rest their weary feet while enjoying the entertainment worthy of the Universal Orlando Resort.

The five scare zones for HHN 30 include Crypt TV, 30 years 30 Fears, Seek and Destroy, Gorewood Forest, and Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie's Revenge. The best of the group is Eddie's Revenge which is based on Jack the Clown's brother, Eddie Schmidt.  Seek and Destroy, set in the New York area of the park, has aliens capturing humans to turn them into fuel.

Once again, the houses are a mix of famous movies and original content.  Beetlejuice, which had a preview for two days only last Fall, is the least scary, most fun of all the houses.  Case Files unearthed had a film noir feel and Revenge of the Tooth Fairy may be one of the bloodiest houses this year.  The Haunting of Hill House and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre houses both have memorable entrances. From the sights to the smells, they offer a glimpse of the details that lay inside.  Of course, no 30th-anniversary celebration would be complete without a tribute to the past.  The HHN Icons Captured house does this beautifully by including The Caretaker, The Storyteller, Chance, and Jack the Clown.

Every year there are refreshments specially created for HHN and this year is much of the same.  From the Bourbon donut slides to the beer float, there is something for every palette and many dietary restrictions including a few vegetarian offerings. 


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If you love scares and, like me, Halloween is your favorite holiday, then Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resorts is a must!!!  You'll thank me later. 



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