Patrick Stickney Wins Prestigious CinemaCon 2024 Art Contest with "Grand Exterior"

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Patrick Stickney Wins Prestigious CinemaCon 2024 Art Contest with "Grand Exterior"
CinemaCon 2024 Art Contest Winner “Grand Exterior”. Photo Courtesy of Patrick Stickney / CinemaCon. All Rights Reserved.

CinemaCon, the premier gathering for professionals in the motion picture industry, has announced Patrick Stickney as the victor of the esteemed CinemaCon 2024 Art Contest. His winning masterpiece, "Grand Exterior," will take center stage at the upcoming convention, symbolizing the anticipation and allure of the cinematic experience. Mitch Neuhauser, Managing Director of CinemaCon, expressed pride in Stickney's achievement, emphasizing its significance in celebrating the essence of moviegoing.

Stickney's artwork, selected from a pool of talented submissions, resonated for its ability to capture the essence of CinemaCon 2024 and the broader cinematic experience. As Neuhauser remarked, Stickney's portrayal encapsulates the dedication of global theater professionals in making moviegoing an unforgettable affair.

Hailing from Classic Cinemas Elk Grove XQ in Elk Grove Village, IL, Stickney will be honored with a complimentary trip to this year's CinemaCon. His artwork will adorn convention materials and merchandise, including official attendee t-shirts, showcasing his talent to the industry's elite.

Sponsored by Mobile Moviegoing, the CinemaCon 2024 Art Contest was an opportunity for creative minds within the motion picture theater community to shine. Stickney's submission stood out for its creativity, originality, and alignment with the contest's thematic goals.

CinemaCon serves as a gathering place for over 6,000 industry professionals, spanning exhibition, distribution, equipment, and concessions sectors. This annual event celebrates the magic of cinema while fostering collaboration and innovation within the industry.

Partnering with the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) and National Association of Concessionaires (NAC), CinemaCon offers a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge technologies and trends. The Coca-Cola Company, a revered name in the realm of movies, proudly serves as the convention's official presenting sponsor, underscoring its commitment to the cinematic experience.

As the largest exhibition trade organization globally, the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) represents over 32,000 screens across the United States and 88 countries worldwide. With a membership that includes major cinema chains and independent theater owners, NATO plays a pivotal role in advancing the interests of the industry.

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