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WAS: $17.99 NOW: $4.99

Con Air (Digital HD)

From the hit-making producer of The Rock and Crimson Tide comes the hard-hitting blockbuster Con Air, starring Nicolas Cage (National Treasure, Gone In 60 Seconds, The Rock), John Cusack (Grosse Pointe Blank, High Fidelity), and John Malkovich (In th...
WAS: $14.99 NOW: $6.99

The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter (Digital HD)

In this sequel to the 1984 film, our young hero, again bored with the real world, returns to his storybook's magical land of Fantasia and attempts to slay the evils that threaten the extinction of goodness. There he finds a special brand of coura...
WAS: $17.98 NOW: $7.99

Deep Blue Sea (Digital HD)

Researchers on the undersea lab Aquatica have genetically altered the brains of captive sharks to develop a cure for Alzheimer's disease. There's an unexpected side effect: the critters got smarter . . . and meaner....