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The Bob's Burgers Movie
Allison Rose | May 26, 2022
The animation is top-notch and directors Loren Bouchard and Bernard Derriman keep the film moving along at a decent pace.
Full Review | Grade: B
Stranger Things: Season 4, Vol 1
Allison Rose | May 23, 2022
Season 4 may just be the best one yet which shows how well the cast and crew have done creating something worthwhile.
Full Review | Grade: B
Downton Abbey: A New Era
Alyn Darnay | May 19, 2022
Downton Abbey: A New Era is simply a great film experience that lives up to the best of the original series. See it on the big screen or you’ll miss the sweep of its grandeur.
Full Review | Grade: B
Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers
Allison Rose | May 19, 2022
It is as if Gregor and Mand wanted to see how many Easter eggs they could squeeze into 90 minutes…
Full Review | Grade: B
Licorice Pizza
Allison Rose | May 18, 2022
The best part of Licorice Pizza is the cast. Both leads are making their feature film debuts but you would never know it from their performances.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | May 13, 2022
While Efron and Lemmon are decent in their roles, the highlight, as it should be, is Armstrong.
Full Review | Grade: D
Top Gun: Maverick
Allison Rose | May 12, 2022
Much like Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible movies, Cruise embodies the character of Maverick with all his bravado, insecurities and skeletons.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | May 10, 2022
The best way to sum up this movie is that I still have no idea why the title is Blacklight.
Full Review | Grade: C
Allison Rose | May 10, 2022
Uncharted borrows heavily from the different versions of the video game...which is to be expected.
Full Review | Grade: B
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
Allison Rose | May 03, 2022
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' plot and script start out strong but become overburdened with details.
Full Review | Grade: C
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