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Allison Rose | Oct 28, 2022
Deadwyler deserves an Oscar nomination, at the very least, for her portrayal of Mamie Till.
Full Review | Grade: B
Wendell & Wild
Allison Rose | Oct 27, 2022
Director Henry Selick is no stranger to stop-motion animation and his distinct style can be seen throughout the movie.
Full Review | Grade: B
Easter Sunday
Allison Rose | Oct 25, 2022
If the movie had been infused with Koy’s humor and wit, it would have been a much better film than what was ultimately produced.
Full Review | Grade: C
My Policeman
Allison Rose | Oct 22, 2022
Dawson however is magnificent, exuding Patrick’s strength, intelligence, passion, tenderness, etc. even as he lives in fear of being arrested.
Full Review | Grade: C
Ticket To Paradise
Allison Rose | Oct 20, 2022
Ticket to Paradise isn’t going to win any awards but as pure, indulgent entertainment it checks all the boxes.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Oct 18, 2022
Heart pounding intensity with decent dialogue leads Fall down a path of recycled tropes that has thrills, a few scares, and some good acting.
Full Review | Grade: B
No Escape
Allison Rose | Oct 17, 2022
While not as compelling as his role in Goodfellas, Liotta manages to give Robbins layers.
Full Review | Grade: B
Halloween Ends
Allison Rose | Oct 13, 2022
Curtis is the brightest star here and she does her character proud.
Full Review | Grade: D
Allison Rose | Oct 06, 2022
Robbie is incredibly talented and so strikingly beautiful that she dominates every scene she is in, even to the point of eclipsing the equally talented and beautiful, Taylor-Joy,
Full Review | Grade: C
Allison Rose | Oct 05, 2022
The story of Hellraiser is interesting if not completely fully formed, while the production value and effects are stunning even in the most gruesome ways.
Full Review | Grade: B

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