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The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild
Allison Rose | Jan 28, 2022
The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild has a target audience and, for them at least, it hits its mark.
Full Review | Grade: C
The Addams Family 2
Allison Rose | Jan 18, 2022
Isaac is the perfect Latin lover, Gomez, while Theron has a deep and sensual voice, and exudes confidence, traits which are needed to portray Morticia.
Full Review | Grade: C
Hotel Transylvania: Transformania
Allison Rose | Jan 17, 2022
As the fourth film in the Hotel Transylvania series, Transformania continues to keep its foundation rooted in the first movie.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Jan 13, 2022
Scream has always been a cut above the cookie cutter slasher movies and even as the fifth movie is released, this fact has not changed.
Full Review | Grade: B
Dune: Part One
Alyn Darnay | Jan 11, 2022
The film almost took my breath away...If you're a sci-fi fan, go buy it, preferably in 4K UHD Disc.
Full Review | Grade: B
The 355
Allison Rose | Jan 06, 2022
Chastain leads a group of (mostly) strong women, whose power radiates throughout the film.
Full Review | Grade: B
Allison Rose | Jan 04, 2022
I wouldn’t call Antlers much of a horror film, more like a thriller with some gore thrown in for impact.
Full Review | Grade: C
Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl
Allison Rose | Jan 03, 2022
While Depp has had numerous memorable roles, Captain Sparrow is by far the most intriguing of his characters and displays his talent as an actor.
Full Review | Grade: B
The Book Of Boba Fett
Allison Rose | Dec 31, 2021
This first episode was more establishing the story than it was moving the plot along.
Full Review | Grade: B
Heaven Can Wait
Allison Rose | Dec 29, 2021
Beatty’s determined yet charming Joe is formidable, naïve, and optimistic all at the same time.
Full Review | Grade: B
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