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Total Recall
Nathan M Rose |  Aug 03, 2012
.Save your money..Pass on Total Recall | Full Review...
The Watch
John Delia |  Jul 26, 2012
The Watch Could have been, should have been comedy that never does. | Full Review...
The Dark Knight Rises
John Delia |  Jul 19, 2012
The Best Batman (The Dark Knight) Got Better with Dark Knight Rises. | Full Review...
John Delia |  Jul 05, 2012
Savages A violent heart pounding drama that hits 'home’. | Full Review...
The Amazing Spider-Man
John Delia |  Jul 02, 2012
The Amazing Spider-man is only very good for the die-hard 'Spidy’ fan. | Full Review...
People Like Us
Chris Rebholz |  Jul 01, 2012
"People Like Us" is the story of two siblings' responses to their father's death. The first five minutes add up to a well crafted character study, as whip-smart salesman Sam (Ch... | Full Review...
John Delia |  Jun 28, 2012
Ted Is a laugh-riot with its excellent cast and script. | Full Review...
Magic Mike
John Delia |  Jun 28, 2012
Magic Mike -- Ladies save your 1-dollar bills for the real thing. | Full Review...
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Chris Rebholz |  Jun 23, 2012
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter": Those four words, strung together in that order, sound like a lot of fun, don't they? It's a totally ridiculous premise, this notion that the 16th U... | Full Review...
Chris Rebholz |  Jun 22, 2012
The latest feature from cinema Juggernaut Pixar is  Brave and while visually it is everything we've come to expect from that think-tank of geniuses it might disappoint many loyal fans. T... | Full Review...

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