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Homeland: The Complete Second Season
Stephen Compall |  Sep 26, 2013
With a series so tightly wound as Homeland season 1, seemingly meant for a self-contained, miniseries-style run, there are two real dangers of extending the story. To extend past shelf life, they coul... | Full Review...
Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome
Stephen Compall |  Feb 14, 2013
Following Caprica, a beautiful if unwatched experiment in radically altering the Battlestar Galactica formula, Syfy tried to get back to the roots of the franchise's mass appeal — battles wi... | Full Review...
Hit and Run
Stephen Compall |  Aug 21, 2012
The motor sounds are real. Writer/director/star Dax Shepard (Parenthood, When in Rome) provided many. | Full Review...
The Town Ultimate Collectors Edition
Stephen Compall |  Mar 09, 2012
The film is full of emotional contradictions, and trades in them to keep this simple tale of "one last job" from falling into cliché in the wrong ways. | Full Review...
J. Edgar
Stephen Compall |  Feb 28, 2012
Among the most colorful moments of J. Edgar are those when J. Edgar Hoover (Leonardo DiCaprio, The Aviator, Inception) testifies in Congress. It is, more than anything, reminiscent of the very radical... | Full Review...
A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
Stephen Compall |  Feb 08, 2012
What I didn't expect of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was to be genuinely laughing at one of the jokes early on.  In a blatant display of ubiquitous timeliness, of which most films t... | Full Review...
Doctor Who: The Complete Sixth Series
Stephen Compall |  Nov 27, 2011
Heightened expectations and high risk were the rule of the previous series, series 5, of Doctor Who. The beginning of the reign of showrunner Steven Moffat (Coupling, Sherlock) promised great change, ... | Full Review...
Stephen Compall |  Sep 08, 2011
I watched befuddled, backtracking Paddy Conlon (Nick Nolte, 48 Hrs, Mother Night) working desperately, unselfconsciously to insinuate himself back into his son's life. As he stood on son Brendan&#... | Full Review...
24: Season Eight - The Complete Final Season
Stephen Compall |  Jan 10, 2011
After the astounding revival in storytelling that was 24's seventh season, the onus was on this, the eighth and final season, to avoid slipping back into the dark days of season six.  It was no s... | Full Review...
Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series
Stephen Compall |  Nov 21, 2010
Perhaps the most difficult question to answer about Doctor Who, despite its 31-and-counting television seasons of storytelling, is "What is Doctor Who about?"  The reductionist approach... | Full Review...

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