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Top 5 Reasons Why Hulk 2008 Smashes Hulk 2003

Top 5 Reasons Why Hulk 2008 Smashes Hulk 2003
As the box office figures and the reviews come in we all know that The Incredible Hulk smashes its dismal 2003 predecessor. We put each movie under the microscope to see why the current film is making the green while we wish 2003's yawn fest was smashed out of existence. Here are the top 5 reasons:
  1. Edward Norton - While Eric Bana did a decent job, he just didn't have the acting skills that Edward Norton does to insert himself in any role any become it. With Hulk (2003) you where watching an actor play Bruce Banner. In The Incredible Hulk Edward Norton WAS Bruce Banner. He owned the role.

  2. Louis Leterrier - While not being a very seasoned director (his only large action movie is Transporter 2), he succeeds on every level that Ang Lee did not. His eye for cinematography and suspense is amazing, and he will definitely be around for a long time. Ang Lee took way to many liberties with the series and turned it into an art house disaster. And please Mr Lee. If you ever do another movie for the masses…Split screens are evil

  3. Hulk - Okay let's face it 99% of the world knows who the Hulk is, what he looks like, and how he acts. Ang Lee decided to rewrite his origins, and did not include most signature Hulk characteristics (like talking). This time around Hulk is Hulk and kick major ass! He talks (voice by the original Hulk, Lou Ferrigno), He Smashes, he shows, he is unstoppable, and looks, well more like The Hulk than a cartoon. Also, instead of waiting an hour for Hulk to show up, this time the action starts right away.

  4. Abomination - Besides being chased by the military or helping out the world, let's face it, every superhero needs a superenemy. In Ang Lee's hulk we get a cheesy lightening man that is on screen for less than 5 minutes. In The Incredible Hulk we get a foe that is simply amazing, The Abominiation. The battle between the Hulk and Abomination takes place for about 15 minutes, and is amazing! You rheart pounds, and you actually think Hulk might lose. Spoiler Alert (don't worry he doesn't)

  5. Superhero Synergy - The 2003 film existed in it own hollow world without reality or "comic reality" being acknowledged. Superman and Batman are in the same world, Hulk is in the same world as Spider-man, Iron Man, Captain America, and The X-Men. And guess what. This film actually acknowledges this. From subtle hints of Captain America, to the Stark System computer (Iron Man's alter ego's company), and even an appearance of Tony Stark himself asking to recruit hulk.

Marvel and Universal Pictures made a big mistake in 2003's Hulk (and they knew it), however instead of smashing the franchise they just went back and figured out how to make it right and in doing so saved the franchise. The future looks bright for superhero movies. If Marvel continues to improve on their already timeless characters such as the Hulk the future looks bright green! Cha ching!
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