Jun 19, 2008 03:43 PM EST

EyeCon Annouces Five New Supernatual Guests to Convention

EyeCon Annouces Five New Supernatual Guests to Convention
Orlando , FL. - EyeCon has announced four new Supernatural guests to the September 26-28 convention lineup. Jim Beaver, who plays "Bobby Singer" on the show will be appearing as well as Chad Lindberg who plays the popular character "Ash" and Fred Lehne who is the evil "Yellow-Eyed Demon". As for music, EyeCon has signed not one but two musicians, Jason Manns and Steve Carlson who will play live concerts on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively. Negotiations are currently underway with more celebrities.

Celebrity Guests scheduled to appear at EyeCon:

Jared Padalecki is the star of the CW's hit television series, Supernatural. He plays Sam Winchester, a man who is on a quest to rid the world of evil and demons with the help of his older brother Dean. Jared can also be seen on MTV's television series, Room 401, a horror type "candid camera" show which plays stunts and tricks on unsuspecting victims. Jared has also starred in major motion pictures such as Cry Wolf and House of Wax.

Jim Beaver plays the role of Bobby Singer on the CW's Supernatural. Bobby is a kind of stand-in father figure for Dean and Sam Winchester, keeping them out of trouble as best as he can. Jim has also starred in many movie and television roles, most notably HBO's Deadwood where he played "Ellsworth".

Chad Lindberg plays the role of Ash on the CW's Supernatural. Ash is a mullet wearing computer genius who lends a hand to the Winchester brothers when they need one. Chad has also starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and on CBS' Cold Case and two versions of CSI. For motion pictures, Chad appeared in The Fast and the Furious and City of Angels.

Fred Lehne plays the role of The Yellow-Eyed Demon on Supernatural. The YED as he has come to be known by fans is responsible for most of the grief faced by the Winchesters in the first two seasons. Fred has starred in a multitude of movies and television series, most recently Lost. This will be Fred's first appearance at EyeCon.

Steve Carlson is a Singer/Songwriter who composed a song for an episode of Supernatural and for the television series Angel. Carlson will be performing a live concert at EyeCon.

Jason Manns is a Singer/Songwriter and a fan favorite for Supernatural fans. Manns will be performing a live concert at EyeCon. This will be Jason's first appearance at EyeCon.

EyeCon is a fan-friendly celebrity autograph convention for Supernatural, sci-fi, horror and comic book fans! For their second event, they are focusing on the hit television series "Supernatural", featuring celebrity guests from the show, Supernatural themed games and panels and lots more.

EyeCon will take place September 26-28, 2008 at the
Florida Hotel and Conference Center, located just minutes away from all of the major Orlando attractions including Walt Disney World and Universal Studios! The hotel is gorgeous and the rooms are very comfortable, a perfect place to relax in between convention activities.

The EyeCon website is live, and can be found at

EyeCon is in negotiations with some of the top names involved with Supernatural. Expect announcements soon regarding more guests for this year's show.

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