Brad William Henke Discusses The Upcoming DVD Release of Choke with FlickDirect

 Feb 17, 2009 10:47 AM EST

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Brad William Henke Discusses The Upcoming DVD Release of Choke with FlickDirect
Brad William Henke, Denny in Clark Gregg's Choke recently had a chance to sit down with one of FlickDirect's staff members, Marco Chacon and discuss the upcoming DVD release of Choke...

Marco: Why did you do Choke? What attracted you to it?

Brad: I didn't know a lot about it.  I read the script the night before, and I like the character a lot.  I felt he was the heart of the film.  He grew, healed and helped his buddy heal.  I was really attracted to that.  Also, they told me Sam was doing it, and I liked Sam.

I also read the book and liked how close the script was to the book.

Marco: Are you a Chuck Palahniuk fan?

Brad: Since I saw Fight Club, I have been.  I was flying to Hawaii, and I started reading Haunted.  That is a book you really need complete concentration for.  I also met him during the filming.  He's a really nice, unique guy.

Marco: What would you tell a non-Chuck Palahniuk fan who is  thinking about seeing Choke?

Brad: Well, if you saw Fight Club, you'll like it.  It has some of the same elements.  Guys-guys will like it.  It has some sexy stuff like Sam's character who sees a girl and imagines what her breast will look like.  For everyone else, there is a lot of redemption in the movie -- so many deep things about how you search for lost love as a kid ... and search for hope.

When the movie came out, I went and watched it -- just as a movie.  I thought it had a really good message.

Marco: The movie has a lot of stuff in it about therapy.  The main characters are recovering sex-addicts.  I know that Chuck Palahniuk spent time visiting 12-step meetings, but not as a person in recovery -- he was a driver for people in rehab.  Do you have any background in therapy?  How do you feel the movie treats the subject of recovering addicts?

Brad: I have had one-on-one therapy quite a bit.  For the show, we went to some sex-addiction meetings.  In the movie, there are guys and girls there; and I thought this would be kind of sexy: people talking about having sex.  When I got there, it was all guys and I thought ... okay, this is different.

Then you hear some of the saddest stories ever.  They get on sex, lose their jobs; it is horrible.  This guy had a business meeting that went wrong. He went to his office and started watching porn on the Internet; someone came in and saw him. and he got fired.  It is a mood addiction. Where I might eat a burrito, they would do a sexual thing.

When Sam and I heard this, we went "oh crap--this is a serious thing and we need to be serious about it."  I think the film treats it with respect.

Marco: You are in JJ Abram's new Star Trek movie.  Can you tell us anything about that?  Were you on any cool Star Trek sets?

Brad: I think if I say anything they can possibly sue me for my house or something like that.  They dropped the script off -- just my scene -- in what appeared to be an armored truck.  I had to sign for it.  What I can say is that Kirk, when he was a boy, lived on a farm and had an abusive uncle.  That was me.

We did the scenes in front of a farm house, but there was also a model of a futuristic farm house -- a small one -- that we were in front of.  The model was only a few feet high, so I don't really know how it is going to look.

Marco: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Have a nice day.

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