Feb 25, 2009 08:03 PM EST

Save NBC's Chuck

Save NBC's Chuck
Rarely does a show grace our television screens that is at once smart, funny, exciting, and just an all around damn feel good experience. Yet despite CBS being in repeats, The CW in repeats, ABC airing the "Women Tell All" special episode of "The Bachelor", and despite mostly weak competition, NBC's "Chuck"  generated its lowest ratings ever Monday. Wake up people! Chuck is the absolute best show on television right now and without your help it is destined to be canclled by NBC. Won't you help us save Chuck?

"Chuck" is a smart comedy.  In essence, a parody of the spy genre, "Chuck" knows not to take itself too seriously while at the same time delivering serious action, drama, intrigue; and at the end of the day, one satisfying hour of television!  A hero of the every nerd, Chuck is the regular guy next door who knows how to fix your computer, but yearns for something more.  A James Bond for the post 9/11 world, Chuck is not, but it is what he is asked or rather chooses to become.

Starring geeky yet lovable Zachary Levi as a mere Manager of the "Nerd Herd" at "Buy More" (a clear satire of the Geek Squad at Best Buy), the plot revolves around the interpersonal relationships that are formed between Chuck (our hero), his family and friends and the occasional international spy out to destroy the world (and sometimes Chuck himself).

It seems in college, Chuck's roommate/nemesis Bryce Larkin (aptly described as "Fett to Chuck's Solo") got Chuck kicked out of college, stole his girl, and otherwise destroyed his life.  Bryce goes on to become a rouge spy for the CIA and is successful in stealing and then deleting all of the U.S Government secrets from what is known as "The Intersect". After secretly and subliminally downloading the information into Chucks head, Chuck becomes the last line of defense for all of the itellegence of the U.S. Government.

Enter the agents:  Chuck, not fully understanding his new found "ability" is now the target of the U.S. Government. The NSA sends career killer Major John Casey (played by a stone faced yet comical Adam Baldwin), while the CIA sends Agent "Sarah Kent" (played by the beauty, being an understatement, Yvonne Strahovski) to retrieve the data in anyway possible. There is a distinct tone to the show which can be described as everyman meets James Bond with a hint of side jabbing comedy on the side.

Not enough can be said about  Yvonne Strahovski. By the far the most beautiful woman on television right now, her girl next door good looks coupled with her intense ass-kicking spy persona deliver the total package. The real emotion you feel between her and Chuck (they are assigned to be girlfriend and boyfriend as cover) only adds to the overall package.

Entertaining and smart comedy, wrapped in a package of international espionage and everyday interpersonal relationships, Chuck is a hit that delivers and one we can't afford to let be canceled. Please, set you DVR this Monday night to record Chuck at 8 o clock on NBC, for less than pennies a day (actually no cost at all!)  you can help us SAVE CHUCK!
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