Apr 19, 2010 04:07 PM EST

Kick-Ass Squeezes To Top of Box Office

Kick-Ass Squeezes To Top of Box Office
Well the final numbers are in. "Kick-Ass" has lived up to its name and did just that at the box office. It was originally reported that "How to Train Your Dragon" had taken the number one spot. The two were neck-and-neck up until this afternoon. "Kick-Ass" grossed $19.8 million and "How to Train Your Dragon" grossed $19.6 million.

While it is rare for the Number One spot to change on a Monday after preliminary numbers are in, it did occur last week as well with "Date Night" sliding behind "Clash of the Titans" to second place after initial reports had deemed them first.

"Date Night" came in third place, grossing $17.3 million, "Death at a Funeral" came in fourth, grossing $17 million, and "Clash of Titans" came in fifth, grossing $15.7 million. 

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