Jul 30, 2007 02:40 PM EST

Disney's Wall-E Makes Big Splash at Comic Con 2007

Disney's Wall-E Makes Big Splash at Comic Con 2007
At Comic Con, Disney gave a sneak peek at the upcoming film, WALL-E. The new Disney Pixar film was discussed as concept art was shown on the screen. The presentation began with an industrial commercial showing the WALL-E robots, and what they do. The WALL-E robots are manufactured by the company "Buy N Large", which has its own website, which is now live. That website is www.buynlarge.com.

Andrew Stanton, the director for the movie, was at the panel, and discussed the plot of the movie. The movie takes place in the future, after humans have completely trashed the plant with commercialism. After the humans leave the planet, robots stay behind to clean up. After 700 years, and humans never returning, WALL-E begins to develop a personality. He begins to roam the planet, and finds a way to leave the planet. He then finds a lost tribe of humans in a spaceliner. He finds that after being in space for so many years, humans have become huge, helpless blobs. WALL•E then meets and falls in love with a robot named Eve. His attempts to woo her, wind up being just what the human race needs to restore themselves to their former glory.

Stanton also introduced "Star Wars" veteran Ben Burtt, who will be doing the sound design for the film. They played sample robot sound effects and animation samples. They showed the samples of the characters WALL•E, Eve, M-O, and Auto.

After the presentation, the audience got to see a sneak peek of the film. We see WALL-E, back on Earth, preparing for another day at work. He's followed by his pet cockroach as he leaves his makeshift house. As he sorts through the human's garbage, he picks out objects that interest him - a bra, a jewelry box, a rubber ducky, and other things. However, his day is interrupted when he sees a big red dot from a laser light. He follows it but doesn't realize what it is. However, he soon discovers that it's a landing guide for a ship... that lands right on top of him. WALL-E escapes by digging underground, then pops up just in time to see what emerges from the ship. The clip ends before you see what pops out.

After the clip, the panel did a Q&A session. They stated that there will be some humans involved and live action elements.
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