Sep 01, 2011 02:48 PM EST

Don't Be Afraid... Skarsgard Doesn't Bite

Don't Be Afraid... Skarsgard Doesn't Bite
Alexander Skarsgard, who stars in "True Blood" and the upcoming films, "Melancholia" and "Straw Dogs", isn't one to ignore his fans. But there are some things that even he won't oblige a fan.

Not surprisingly, he has been asked, on more than one occasion, to "bite" a fan. While interviewed recently for Black Book Magazine, the Swedish hunk spoke about the phenomena. "That's one thing I'll never really understand. But the main reason I don't ever do it is because if I do it just once, every single person will be like, 'Bite me! Bite me! Bite me.'"

Skarsgard also opened up a bit about his personal life. "All of my childhood friends are still in Stockholm. Not a single one of them is impressed by me -- they're happy for me, but they don't give a [expletive] about that [expletive]. One guy's a salesman, a couple others are unemployed, and they could care less that they're hanging out with a 'celebrity.'"
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