Oct 16, 2011 09:44 PM EST

The Avengers Take Over New York Comic Con

The Avengers Take Over New York Comic Con
The biggest event at this year's New York Comic Con was the debut of footage from the upcoming Avengers movie. This film has been eagerly awaited by legions of comic fans ever since the first Iron Man movie first hit theaters and we caught minute glimpses of a Captain America shield in the back ground culminating in a guest appearance by Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

As other films were released more fun little tidbits of information were littered throughout each film, like Tony Stark making an appearance in The Incredible Hulk or S.H.I.E.L.D. making an appearance in each successive film that Marvel Studios made or making a reference to Bruce Banner in the recent Thor film and finally witnessing Steve Rogers aka Captain America awaken in the Big Apple. The other important thing to point out is the interconnectivity that Marvel was attempting to create but allowing each of these classic heroes to interact within the same world, which has always been the crux of every comic film of before; now though we will finally get to witness the culmination of these films when Avengers drops in May of 2012.

The footage shown at the Javitz Center's well known IGN Theater mainly showed a few key scenes of interaction between each of the main characters. As the film is still being shot there was very little ADR or special effects done, so we were unable to see any big fight scenes or a shot of the new rendition of the Hulk. A lot of the scenes we got to watch were similar to what we saw in the recently released trailer, which we also got to see once again after the footage was done playing.

To briefly describe what we saw, one of the scenes was a longer version of the introduction of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner in which Tony compliments Bruce on his ability to change into the Hulk. Another scene involved a dialogue between Cap and Stark in which Cap attempts to out Tony in his place but Tony being the epitome of arrogance simply scoffs at Cap's remarks. The last scene was a monologue from Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in which he explains his reasons for developing a team like the Avengers. His speech harkens back to the days of the comic book which explained in the opening splash page that "there came a day like no other when the earth faced a threat no one man could face and so The Avengers were born."

Of course this being the only footage that was released, it wasn't nearly enough to sate the appetites of ravenous fans. And since the film doesn't come out until spring of next year the anticipation amongst the audience was palpable. For now fans will just have to satisfy themselves on re-watching the trailer and hope that winter goes by quickly. 
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