Oct 21, 2011 03:46 PM EST

Part of Avengers Film Shot on an iPhone

Part of Avengers Film Shot on an iPhone
Seamus McGarvey, director of photography for "The Avengers", recently told IFTN that he used a rather unconventional tool for shooting parts of the film.

"The beauty of photography or cinema is that you make every choice based on the content at hand. On The Avengers, I did a couple of shots on the iPhone and they are in the movie. In fact, they are in the trailer! I understand that sometimes there is no choice and you have to go for the cheapest option, but if you are limited for choice, you can still make poignant decisions that will effect the look of the film".

Some of the iPhone shots that were taken were featured in the trailer. No one knows, however which specific shots were from the iPhone.
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