Jan 03, 2012 11:53 AM EST

Ralph Fiennes Mysterious About Upcoming Skyfall Character

Ralph Fiennes Mysterious About Upcoming Skyfall Character
With the newest installment of James Bond films to be released, there is a tremendous amount of buzz surrounding some new characters.

Rumor has it that Ralph Fiennes will be in the upcoming "Skyfall" film. However, lips are sealed are exactly what character he will be playing. The actor was quoted as saying that he will be playing a government agent, but nothing else. Sources say that Fiennes could be playing villain Blofeld or a Blofeld type character, while other rumors say that there is a possibility that Fiennes character could be a possible replacement for Dame Judy Denche's "M" character.

So far, confirmed new characters in "Skyfall" are Ben Whishlaw, who will be playing a young Q, and Naomie Harris who will be playing an agent named Eve.
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