Mar 09, 2012 10:34 AM EST

Joss Whedon Speaks About Avengers Sequel

Joss Whedon Speaks About Avengers Sequel

Joss Whedon recently spoke about his thoughts on the upcoming "Avengers" film, and how he feels the sequel should play out.

The "avengers" film is still two months away from being released, but that doesn't stop Whedon from discussing how he feels the sequel should be, and it when asked if it will be bigger the filmmaker said, it will be "...smaller. More personal, more painful... By being the next thing that should happen to these characters, and not just a rehash of what seemed to work the first time. By having a theme that is completely fresh and organic to itself."

His aim for the first film and its characters was "to know what makes them tick, what makes them flawed, what makes them fight - and ultimately, what makes them awesome. I go to these movies for those moments when the heroes define themselves, either through action or deliciously overwritten speeches."

"The Avengers" will be released on May 4.
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