Apr 29, 2012 11:35 AM EST

Prometheus Fans Get Their Wish On MPAA Rating

Prometheus Fans Get Their Wish On MPAA Rating
There is just a little over a month to go before Ridley Scott's new sci-fi blockbuster is released to a general audience. Prometheus, a so-called Alien prequel, is one of the most anticipated releases of the summer; but there has been concerned raised by many legions of loyal fans of the original 1979 movie as to its classification.

There were calls of outcry from these fans not so long ago when rumors started to circulate that Prometheus was going to be drummed down to meet the PG-13 certificate -- a rumor that the director himself, Riddley Scott, was critical of. So it must come as a relief today, as Fox unexpectedly announced that this would NOT be the case.

Tom Rothman the CEO of Fox stated, "I can assure the fans absolutely they can take it that the film will not be compromised in any way. So if that means that the film is R, then it'll be an R. If it is PG-13, then it will be a PG-13 -- but it will not be compromised."

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