Jun 27, 2012 10:22 AM EST

Damon and Renner to Team Up for Future Bourne?

Damon and Renner to Team Up for Future Bourne?
While promoting "The Bourne Legacy", Jeremy Renner, Tony Gilroy and Frank Marshall all spoke about the future of the Bourne series.

Renner commented about how his character differs from Bourne, saying that he is "coming from a completely different background to Jason [Bourne]. He knows exactly who he is; he signed up to this...He wants to be part of a team. I can tell you he was in the military then he joined the [program]. He's a person who wants to be part of something... to have a sense of purpose. But then it's taken away."

Gilroy said,  "If you think of the first three Bourne films as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, then we're showing you Elsinore. You thought you were seeing something you weren't. What if there's a much larger story? What if Treadstone wasn't the only black-ops programme?"  

Marshall added his thoughts about what he would like to see, saying, "You see there are several different [programs] in the movie with different skill sets. All possibilities are open. My dream is that in the next one we see Matt and Jeremy team up."

"The Bourne Legacy" hits theaters August 10.

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