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James Cameron's Ghosts Of The Abyss 3D Blu-ray Remembers September 11th

James Cameron's Ghosts Of The Abyss 3D Blu-ray Remembers September 11th
Take Us To Titanic, Mr. Cameron
James Cameron's love fest with Titanic goes to deeper depths with "Ghosts of the Abyss 3D" a creative documentation of the shipwreck's remains. James Cameron once again takes us to Titanic, but this time we get transported more than twelve thousand feet down to the ocean's floor to see what is left of the disintegrating ship.
Much like the newer 3D release of the film adaptation of "Titanic", James Cameron once again proves how good 3D can improve upon a movie going experience. Now not everyone has a 3D TV in their home yet, but if you love the sunken star liner as much as James Cameron does, it may be time to invest in one!
"Ghosts" starts out more as a documentary explaining James Cameron's vision in wanting to explore the wreck before it completely falls apart from the iron-eating bacteria that exists in the ocean. Reports have approximated that with-in 50 years the hull and structure will collapse entirely leaving "Ghosts" as the most beautifully recorded documentation, of the most popular shipwreck in the world. Cameron explains that when he made "Titanic" the technological equipment didn't exist to do a film of this magnitude.
Along with a cast of marine experts (American & Russian), Cameron invites his friend, and the man who searched the seas for the wreckage in the film "Titanic", Bill Paxton to find it for real. Paxton basically becomes our host on this extraordinary journey. He gives us a very human aspect of what it must be like for the average person to jump in a submersible (five feet wide holding 3 people max) and sink to the bottom of the ocean for 12 hours at a time. But once the bow of Titanic is in view, all fears subside. The otherworldly view of this ship is just amazing. The fact that 100 years later, we get a chance to see this wreckage like this is truly a work of art and Cameron's labor of love.
With the use of Medusa, a giant lighting chandelier, we get a breathtaking view across the whole wreckage. Even cooler, is the exploration if the inner portions of the ship by two mini bots nicknamed Jake & Elwood. But what really makes this interesting is how Cameron integrates ghost-like images though out the wreckage giving the viewer perspective. Without them it would be hard to grasp the true scale of Titanic. This effect also visually reminds us of the many souls lost to the ocean in this unexpected tragedy.
Even more tragically, during a normal day of filming, Cameron emerged from a submersible to the news of an attack on American soil. September 11, 2001 the cast and crew of "Ghosts of the Abyss" had to find a way to cope with a tragedy that would nearly double the number of souls lost in the wreckage they were exploring that very day. As the world was stunned, the cast had to decide, do we move on, or go home. In the Extras in this Blu-ray, there is a segment that expands on this day and how it affected the crew, both American and Russians alike, which was a vivid reminder of how we all felt that day, looking, watching, heartbroken, as the towers fell.
The rest of the "Bonus Materials" actually bring out more of the fun that was going on behind the scenes. Watching Bill Paxton's jittery nerves, the Saga of Jake & Elwood, the bravery of the Zodiac Cowboys and a practical joke played on Cameron broke the haunting mood set by the film itself.
Overall, "Ghosts of the Abyss" is a visual experience like none other. Like Brock Lovett said, "Seeing her coming out of the darkness like a ghost ship, it still gets me every time." Now its your turn, just darken the lights in the room, put on your 3D glasses, grab your popcorn and sit back and enjoy the journey to the bottom of the North Atlantic. Titanic lies just ahead of you, time to explore!


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