Oct 10, 2012 03:44 PM EST

Ridley Scott Declines Chance at Director's Cut of Prometheus

Ridley Scott Declines Chance at Director's Cut of Prometheus
Fox gave Ridley Scott the opportunity to re-cut this year's sci-fi hit "Prometheus", according to DVD and Blu-ray producer Charles de Lauzirika while talking to Digital Spy.

"It was discussed quite a bit; the idea of an extended cut, but the theatrical cut is Ridley's director's cut. Fox very kindly offered him the opportunity to create a new cut of the film, and he said 'No, this is my cut, and I'll give you thirty-something minutes of deleted scenes on the side'. It was that simple, there was really no debate and no argument."

De Lauzirika who directed the "Making Of" documentary "The Furious Gods", which lasts an epic 220 minutes, said of the documentary, "Fox didn't have me cut anything out. I was expecting this thing to be gutted, not because it's Fox or the material, but we do get into some honest topics. Right out of the gate, I think we have a very serious and candid documentary."
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