Jan 13, 2013 02:12 PM EST

Zombieland Sequel Status Not Looking Good

Zombieland Sequel Status Not Looking Good
Ruben Fleischer, who was out doing press for "Gangster Squad", says that his planned "Zombieland" sequel has come to a halt.

"I hate to do it, but I can say that there's no immediate plans to make the movie. There's no script, really, so the likelihood of it happening is slim. But I would not wanna put a nail in that coffin. It's not that the studio is not excited, it's that we took one shot at the script [and] it wasn't something we all got excited to do", said Fleischer.

Fleischer says that the sequel was to be a "continuation of the original story with the same characters. I guess the only thing I could really say is that the threat to our heroes wasn't only zombies, like they encounter other people that they're all jockeying for positions."
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