Apr 01, 2013 04:02 PM EST

G.I. Joe Franchise to Become a Trilogy

G.I. Joe Franchise to Become a Trilogy
After an impressive global box office opening of $132 million, Paramount is looking to develop a third "G.I. Joe" film.

The film, which was released this past weekend, had been delayed for 9 months; however, that didn't seem to dull any interest from fans.  Even amidst so-so critical reviews, it still managed to earn $51.7m domestic and $80.3m foreign.  Some are even projecting that it could earn up to about $410 million worldwide.  Not bad for a film with a $130 million budget.

The first film in the franchise, "G.I. Joe:Rise of the Cobra" earned a little more than $302 million.

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