Aug 01, 2013 04:49 PM EST

Flash to Make Arrow Appearance

Flash to Make Arrow Appearance

Producers of the show, "Arrow", Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, discussed the upcoming reveal of The Flash on the CW show.  They said that the character. Dr. Barry Allen, will appear in episodes 8,9 and 20 of the second season.

Kreisberg said, "The important thing is that our characters, who people have really come to know and like, will react to the extraordinary changes to their world, hopefully in a very realistic way. These 'powers' won't be treated as commonplace, on the show. They will be extraordinary events and the world, and our characters in it, will react accordingly. Despite the fact that he's got superpowers, I think there's something relatable about Barry, of the big seven of The Justice League. He got his powers by accident. He isn't a God. He isn't an alien. He wasn't seeking this out. It came to him. And his reactions to that feel very human and grounded."

"I know that's a word we use a lot on Arrow, but that's how it really feels. Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not. I think it will be fun to see these two characters together because they both have distinctly different world views while both caring very deeply about right and wrong."

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