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The Chuck Soundtrack Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Here

The Chuck Soundtrack Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Here
The wait is over for all the world's Nerd Herd fans as the CHUCK Original Television Soundtrack, by Tim Jones, finally is unleashed into the world on April 7th, 2015 -nearly three years after the show was canceled. The soundtrack is available on CD and digital download, with the latter having an extra four songs included.

Most songs on the soundtrack take fans back to the roots of the show with great tracks such as "Bryce Larkin Super Spy" as well as the "Action Theme" medley. Other Tim Jones tracks that stand out and really shine include "Mission Time" and "Buy Morons vs. Emmet"

Also included on the soundtrack is a real treat for fans - five songs by the infamous band, Jeffster; something fans of the show have been clamoring for since the duo first appeared in season two of Chuck. While there is a nice selection of songs from Jeff and Lester, there might be a few people scratching their heads to the sound of some songs, as well as how the producers decided what to include.

"Take on Me", "Fortunate Son" and "Fat Bottom Girls" are some of the songs that really stand out. But the lack of songs such as Toto's "Africa", Bon Jovi's "Blaze of Glory", and Comic Con's "Eye of the Tiger". Being a Chuck fan myself, I could not wait to dig into this album and relive the years of Chuck through the sense of sound.  Unfortunately, one thing that was very apparent with the soundtrack is that the base overpowers much of the songs. For the instrumental tracks this can be tolerated, however on the tracks by Jeffster it takes away a lot from the songs.

Overall, it is a very nice treat and surprise for Chuck fans that might have given up hope on having something like this released. The tracks are perfect for any fan of the show and you can tell that a lot of love and care went into making this release. It's too bad it didn't come out sooner and possibly have the studio take notice and give the fans what they really want - a movie or six part mini-series.

Purchase the CHUCK Original Television Soundtrack today at Amazon.com or download it digitally from iTunes.com


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