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Lou Diamond Phillips Is Excited for Multi-Show Arc on NBC's Blindspot

Lou Diamond Phillips Is Excited for Multi-Show Arc on NBC's Blindspot
Even before it aired one episode, NBC's Blindspot was generating buzz as one of THE new shows to watch this season.  It created momentum early on, and now, seven episodes in, it shows no sign of slowing down.  Centering on a heavily tattooed "Jane Doe" (Jaimie Alexander; Thor), the FBI attempts to decipher her ink in order to stop crimes.  However, there is more under the surface, as a project called "Daylight" seems to be behind much of what is occurring.  Daylight appears to be connected to a murderer named Saul Guerrero who is being portrayed by the multi-faceted, award winning actor Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs).

Phillips, who is also busy with Longmire - renewed for a fifth season -and The 33, a movie based on the Chilean miners, spoke about his guest appearance on the popular drama.  "I was very, very intrigued by Blindspot …I was going to watch the show as a fan, and then the call came to go on the show…They didn't have a script yet but they gave me a character description."

Playing a criminal is something Phillips seems to enjoy and he stated, that while he couldn't reveal exactly how many episodes he was shooting, he did tease "it's more than one".  Guerrero seems to be part of a pivotal arc on the show that will help reveal more about Jane and her tattoos and Phillips is excited to be a part of it.  From the intelligent writing to the great cast to working with creator Martin Gero (Dark Matter), he knew the part would be fun.

Playing the second most feared person on the FBI's most wanted list did come with some risk.  "I get to do a lot of action in the episode…while handcuffed.  I took a few bruises and a few bumps on this one".  However, he feels that it's part of the job and if he wasn't a little sore then he wasn't doing it right.  He also enjoyed the comedy aspect of this character and stated Guerrero had a great sense of humor.  "It was an absolute blast to play".

Phillips is definitely feeling fortunate these days with Longmire, a feature film released this week, and now this guest spot on a great show.  While he wishes he could take on more comedic roles, he definitely is versatile enough to take on such varied characters all at the same time and is happy to be so busy.

Blindspot airs Monday nights at 10pm EST on NBC.

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