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Ray Stevenson Sails on to STARZ Black Sails

Ray Stevenson Sails on to STARZ Black Sails

Ray Stevenson's (Divergent) personal philosophy is "work works" and work is something he is no stranger to.  With roles in Insurgent and Transporter: Refueled, plus Saints and Strangers in 2015, he is on an upward career trajectory that shows no signs of stopping.  As we begin the new year, Stevenson takes on another iconic character as Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard the pirate, in Season 3 of the STARZ hit series Black Sails.

Stevenson, while lamenting about the two and a half hours he spends each day in the makeup chair to physically prepare for the role, couldn't have been more enthusiastic about this part and the show itself.  "I am constantly knocked out", he gushed as he spoke about the production from the cast to the writers to the crew.  "I am so lucky to be working with an incredible wealth of talent", he continued.

While Black Sails tends to be somewhat violent, and admittedly, in Stevenson's first scene as Blackbeard he shoots three men, he quickly downplayed that aspect of his character.  " I want to show that he is human and even though he is feared, he is really just a man".  He wants his Blackbeard to be a "deeper, fuller picture" while "exposing human conditions".

As for the idea of playing a pirate, Stevenson couldn't help but expose his inner child when discussing it.  "Of course I did", he exclaimed, when asked if he ever played "pirate" as a child.  "High seas adventures and swinging from ropes", he laughed. And while he admits this experience isn't quite like his childhood reminiscing, it is a lot of fun in a different way.  He also divulged that he would return for season 4 of Black Sails as they have already begun shooting.

Stevenson realizes how lucky he is to be constantly working as an actor and "thanks the Gods".  He has the opportunity to shoot on the majestic coast of South Africa and recently even brought his family along to enjoy some time on set.

As for my experience, Mr. Stevenson couldn't have been more lovely, intelligent, warm and forthcoming.  I hope this upward swing in his career has only just begun and continues its momentum.

Black Sails is an award winning and critically acclaimed drama focusing on the serious business of pirateering.  It details the high seas adventures of real life pirates including Captain Charles Vane, Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny.  

The third season of Black Sails airs on STARZ beginning on January 23, 2016.

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