Jan 31, 2017 03:53 PM EST

Disney Announces Special Opening Night Events for Beauty and the Beast

Disney Announces Special Opening Night Events for Beauty and the Beast
Walt Disney Studios will be scheduling special opening night events for their highly anticipated film Beauty and the Beast. The film is set for release on March 17, but on March 16, the special events will take place at about 590 locations nationwide before the 7:00pm showing at IMAX theaters, as well as other select premium large formats.  They will include special behind-the-scenes on-screen content and the only opportunity for in-theater audiences to see Ariana Grande and John Legend's music video for their Beauty and the Beast duet.

Participating theaters include AMC, Regal, Cinemark, Marcus and Wehrenberg , as well as the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Each will be offering special concession stand promotions and commemorative give-away's celebrating the film and the event.

To get tickets for the "Beauty and the Beast" opening night fan events, go to www.BeOurGuest.com/fan-events/. For more information, visit www.BeOurGuest.com
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