Feb 02, 2017 04:05 PM EST

Daughter of Captain America Creator Supports Use of Character for Political Issues

Daughter of Captain America Creator Supports Use of Character for Political Issues
Captain America has long been a symbol of patriotism and doing what's right. The character was introduced back in 1940 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, who were both Jewish, in response to the uprising of Nazis.  Because of this, it may come as no surprise that people are using this figure as a symbol in this trying political climate.  And, according to Joe Simon's daughter Melissa Groben, that's perfectly ok.

"Captain America was created while the Jews were being killed off in Europe, and my father, being Jewish, and Jack, being Jewish, were enraged that America was not over there with our military strength. They created Captain America to go after Hitler because our country wouldn't go after Hitler", said Groben. 

Recently, San Jose, Calif., Councilmember Lan Diep used the Captain America shield as he was sworn into office saying, "I think it's a symbol of what's positive in this darkened political landscape."  People also referenced Captain America in their arguments as to why it was perfectly fine that white supremacist Richard Spencer was punched in the face.  And now, with the election of President Trump, some see it as a symbol of resistance to his administration.

Groben supports the use of the symbol, saying, "We all find whatever we need in a particular character, whatever that may be. So I can't say that the way anyone is using the character is wrong. If that's what they see in the character, then that's what works for them."
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