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Major Spoilers Revealed for Alien: Covenant

Major Spoilers Revealed for Alien: Covenant
Ridley Scoot attended SXSW this past weekend and showed 15 minutes of footage from his upcoming "Alien: Covenant" film. The footage shows some plot points, including a huge one that will effect the entire franchise.

A description of the scenes was described by "The Verge", and details the beginnings of the final xenomorph creature we see in the franchise. That description is below. 


Michael Fassbender's android David, definitely the same character from Prometheus and called David by name, walks Billy Crudup's character through his personal workshop of biological terrors.

He shows off different mutations of the creatures, explaining that he has been trying to understand the aliens that were discovered in Prometheus, going so far as to genetically engineer new versions - a process that's been waiting for one final puzzle piece to complete.

That's when David takes him into a small chamber filled with four eggs that look identical to the ones seen in the original Alien. The final puzzle piece, David says, is "mother" - a waiting host - and Crudup's character is lined up for the honor.

The dots are easy to connect: the alien as audiences saw it in 1979 wasn't the result of evolution or natural selection. Instead, it was the result of an android intentionally breeding the most dangerous, lethal creature possible.

"Alien: Covenant" comes to theaters on May 19th.

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