Apr 13, 2017 02:40 PM EST

Beauty and the Beast Earnings Hit the $1 Billion Mark

Beauty and the Beast Earnings Hit the $1 Billion Mark
Disney's "Beauty And The Beast" has officially crossed over the $1 billion mark in worldwide earnings.

The film, which was released March 16, was already 2017's top earning film, as well as being the top earning live-action movie musical of all time. The earning will keep growing, too, as the premier in Japan is slated for April 21.

Surely these numbers don't surprise many people. The 1991 animated original was also a huge success, and being a Disney film in general, guarantees a certain amount of built-in fans heading to go see anything they put out.  

The film, which was directed by Bill Condon, is now the 14th Disney film to reach the staggering $1 billion mark.
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