Jan 31, 2019 11:19 AM EST

Ben Affleck Hanging Up Batman Cowl

Ben Affleck Hanging Up Batman Cowl
Warner Bros. has announced that the release date for their upcoming film "The Batman" will be on June  25, 2021. 

The film won't be featuring Ben Affleck as Batman, as the storyline will be featuring a younger Bruce Wayne. Affleck has protrayed the hero in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice", "Suicide Squad" and "Justice League".

Originally, Affleck was set to direct "The Batman" but left due to not being able to provide the focus the project needed. Matt Reeves took over as wruter and director in 2017.

Affleck tweeted about the release, saying, "Excited for #TheBatman in Summer 2021 and to see @MattReevesLA vision come to life."
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