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Jenna Ortega perfectly embodies Wednesday Addams, turning her unique dance into a viral sensation.

Charles Samuel Addams was a successful cartoonist who created characters that became The Addams Family, Beginning in 1938 his one-paneled comics ran in The New Yorker until he died in 1988. However, during that time, the family became popular when a television series was created in 1964. Lasting originally for only two years, there have been other shows, feature films, and, most recently, a Netflix limited series called Wednesday, which focuses on the only female child of Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones; Chicago) and Gomez (Luis Guzmán; Punch-Drunk Love) Addams. Portrayed by Jenna Ortega (Scream), Wednesday became beloved and even began her dance trend. Wednesday: The Complete First Season is finally being released on Blu-ray.

Wednesday Addams is expelled from school after she takes revenge on the boys' water polo team, for bullying her younger brother, Pugsley (newcomer Isaac Ordonez), by putting live piranhas in the pool. At their wit's end, Morticia and Gomez enroll Wednesday at their alma mater, Nevermore Academy, a private school for outcasts of the monstrous variety. However, Wednesday's personality makes it especially hard for other students to get close to her, exactly how she likes it. Based on her family history, she is also on Nevermore Principal Weems' radar, who seems to dislike the Addams immensely.

While at Nevermore, Wednesday discovers she has the same psychic abilities as her mother but cannot yet control them. This leads her to work hard to try and find out who the killer is in a recent murder case. With help from the local townspeople, her roommate, Enid (Emma Myers; A Good Girl's Guide To Murder), and a few of her classmates, Wednesday solves the Whodunnit but only after others are killed as well. As Nevermore Academy closes for the remainder of the semester, Wednesday leaves Jericho, Vermont where Nevermore is located.

Wednesday Addams was originally portrayed by Lisa Loring (As the World Turns) in the original television series, then by Christina Ricci (Casper) in the early 90s films, followed by Nicole Fugere (Things I Never Told You), Krysta Rodriguez (Daybreak) and Rachel Potter (Evita). For this version, Jenna Ortega was cast and there could not have been a better choice. Ortega embodies the essence of Wednesday Addams with her dead-eyed stares, her deadpan delivery of morbid dialogue, and the creation of what is now known as Wednesday's dance that has been mimicked on social media by ordinary people and the rich and famous alike. Ortega made the series what it was and there is no way it would have been as popular as it was had someone else filled the lead role.

The Blu-ray offers all eight episodes of the first season presented in 1080p resolution and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. The video quality is decent but probably could have been even better had it been given the 4K treatment. The contrast between the blacks, whites, and grey of Wednesday's world and the spectacular colors of those around her (especially her roommate, Enid) is sharp and detailed. Conversely, the audio is well-rounded and utilizes all of the surround speakers. It is very evident during Wednesday's cello moments. There aren't any extras included which is a little disappointing.

Wednesday: The Complete First Season is a quality release but is most definitely a no-frills version of these types of television show Blu-rays. Luckily, this particular show doesn't need the flash or the extras as the show itself is well-written and beautifully acted. This critic is also thrilled that there will be a second season which will premiere sometime in 2025. However, until next year, Wednesday: The Complete First Season is the perfect way to get your fix on this terrific show.

Grade: B+

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