Midnight, Texas Season 2, Episode 1: Head Games Streaming Review

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Get Ready For A Whole New Midnight, Texas As New Residents Move Into Town

Helloooooooo Midnighters!!!!!!!   Are you ready For Season Two?!?  We've had a long hiatus but the wait is finally over as NBC's Midnight, Texas returns to television this week.

Before we get into the details of season two episode one, let's recap shall we?  When we left our favorite crew of supernaturals and outcasts they had just defeated Colconnar and saved earth from hell's holy wrath.  Fiji (Parisi Fitz- Henley; Jessica Jones) lost her virginity to Bobo (Dylan Bruce; Orphan Black), Creek (Sarah Ramos; Parenthood) and Manfred (Francois Arnaud; The Borgias) seemed to be getting back together and Lemuel (Peter Mensah; Spartacus) and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel; Fifty Shades Freed) decided to get married.  Yes, everything was right as rain in the dusty little town and love was in the air.  But, of course, things can't stay that way for long.  As the season ended, we see renovations begin on the old hotel in town and, much to Manfred's chagrin, it seems to have stirred up some not so friendly ghosts.

As "Head Games" begins a few months later we notice that Manfred doesn't seem to be feeling so well and is definitely out of sorts.  He and Creek are definitely together but things between them aren't as blissful as it seems.  Their relationship is further strained when Manfred tries to kill both her and Olivia.  Yup, you read that right.

Luckily, thanks to Olivia's and Lem's "blood bond" he finds them and saves the ladies before Manfred can carry out his plan.  Let's talk about that bond for a second… right now Olivia is loving it.  Lem can anticipate her every need like having a bath drawn for her when she comes home from a hard day.  However, I can see Olivia growing tired of the convenience of Lem constantly reading her mind and emotions and I think it will eventually become a bone of contention between them.  We will also get the chance to meet Olivia's father this season so that should be an interesting plot point that I'm guessing will marinate much of season two.

But let's move on to the lovebirds – Fiji and Bobo (or as I like to call them –the four-letter lovers).  They are so into each other and seemingly oblivious to everyone and everything around them I think they would have sex right there in the middle of the street if they could.  They can't seem to find a room fast enough much to Mr. Snuggly's dismay (Can anyone say Sex Magic?!?).  Interestingly though the end of episode one hints to a darker force lurking to tear them apart so enjoy Fibo? Boji? Or whatever shipper name you have given them while you can because their honeymoon phase will certainly come to an end.

So what is new in Midnight you ask?  Well, the hotel and the new owners for one.  Kai (Nestor Carbonell; Lost) and Patience (Jaime Ray Newman; The Punisher) are mystical healers who may be harmless… but then again they may not be.  Only time will tell what Kai is really up to.  And we can't forget Walker (Josh Kelly; Transformers: Dark of the Moon) who is a "Demon Hunter" that catches Joe's (Jason Lewis; Sex and the City) eye.  Seems like there will be problems for Joe and Chuy (Bernardo Saracino; Sicario) this season as well. 

Just from episode one, you can tell there is a different feel to this season and the season is definitely dark than last year.  It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the characters change and how the newest residents shake up the town.

Buckle up and stay tuned…there is definitely exciting stuff coming!

Midnight, Texas Season Two premieres on NBC at 9 pm on October 26, 2018.


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