Sitting in Bars with Cake: Trish Sie Unveils the Delicious Details

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Get a slice of behind-the-scenes magic as we sit down with Trish Sie, the visionary director behind "Sitting in Bars with Cake". Interviewed by Allison Rose, this exclusive chat takes you into the creative kitchen where the film's core ingredients were mixed. From conceptualizing the plot to aligning the cast, we delve into the art of cinematic baking.

Secondly, Trish Sie discusses the challenges and triumphs she faced during production. She opens up about the pivotal moments that shaped the narrative and gives insights into the storytelling techniques that make this film a must-watch. Hear firsthand accounts of what it takes to whip up a film as engaging and delightful as a piece of cake.

Lastly, whether you're a film aficionado, a fan of romantic comedies, or someone who just loves a good story well told, this interview is your ticket to the inner workings of a movie masterpiece. Don't miss this sugar-coated discussion about film, creativity, and the irresistible allure of cake.

00:00:00 - Directing Style Inspired by Dance and Choreography
00:01:48 - The Magic of Choreographed and Ad-libbed Scenes
00:03:25 - The Unexpected Journey of Life
00:04:46 - Working with Yara and Odessa in "Jane"
00:06:14 - The Characters in Curran's Life
00:07:40 - Exploring the Characters' Personalities
00:09:18 - The Intensity of Filming
00:10:57 - Working with a Professional and Creative Partner
00:12:38 - The Cake Making Process


Inspired by true events, Sitting in Bars with Cake follows best friends Jane (Yara Shahidi) and Corinne (Odessa A'zion) navigating life in Los Angeles in their twenties. Corinne, the ultimate extrovert, convinces her shy-but-extremely-talented home baker best friend Jane to commit to a year of baking cakes and bringing them to bars with the goal of meeting people and developing confidence - also known as “cakebarring.” During their year of “cakebarring,” Corinne receives a life-altering diagnosis, and the pair face a challenge unlike anything they've experienced before. Sitting in Bars with Cake isn't only a madcap joyride through some of L.A.'s most colorful watering holes, it's a moving celebration of female friendship, forging identity, and finding joy in the most unexpected places.

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MPAA Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Running Time: 120 minutes
Distributed By: Amazon Studios
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