Adam Goldberg on His Role in The Exorcism: Exclusive Interview

Dive into an exclusive interview with Adam Goldberg, conducted by Allison Rose, where he discusses his role as Peter in the 2024 film "The Exorcism." Goldberg shares his unique challenges and experiences while portraying this complex character in a supernatural thriller. Get insights into his preparation process, collaboration with the cast, and the emotional depth required for his role.

Discover behind-the-scenes stories from the set of "The Exorcism" as Adam Goldberg talks about the film's impact on his career and what audiences can expect from this chilling movie. Don't miss this engaging conversation about the intricacies of bringing a dark and intense character to life.


Shot as a movie within a movie, The Exorcism stars Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe as Anthony Miller, a troubled actor who is trying to resuscitate his career when he lands the lead role of a priest in a supernatural horror film about an exorcism. As unsettling events unfold, his "lucky break" takes a dark turn. The director (Adam Goldberg), aiming for authenticity, subjects the struggling actor to humiliating treatment, forcing him to confront past traumas and accelerating his decline. Witnessing his suffering, Anthony's estranged daughter (Ryan Simpkins) turns to the film's priest advisor (David Hyde Pierce) for help. Has the pressure of making the film sent Anthony back to his old addictions, or has it opened a portal to something more sinister?

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Genre: Horror
Running Time: 93 minutes
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