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Nathan M Rose |  Jul 22, 2015
While Southpaw is not about superheroes trying to save the world, or little yellow men, it is still a worthy entry into the summer line up, and while it won’t have those same kind of numbers its opening weekend, it should have staying power. | Full Review...
The Strain: Season 1 - The Premium Collector’s Edition
Nathan M Rose |  Jun 30, 2015
Nowadays, vampire television, films and series are a dime a dozen; but, when someone like director Guillermo del Toro puts his name on something, it causes one to pause and pay attention. Such is the case with The Strain. | Full Review...
Run All Night
Nathan M Rose |  Jun 16, 2015
While Run All Night is not in the same league as some of Liam Neeson’s other action films (Taken, Non-Stop), it is a very gripping and engaging story. | Full Review...
Jurassic World
Nathan M Rose |  Jun 11, 2015
Colin Treverrow has stated many times, during interviews that he wanted to create a film where adults could feel like kids again. He certainly accomplished this task, as Jurassic World reminded me why I fell in love with movies. | Full Review...
Jupiter Ascending
Nathan M Rose |  Jun 02, 2015
While Jupiter Ascending shows small moments of brilliance throughout its 125 minute run-time, it isn’t enough to pull this mess out of the black hole of bad science fiction space opera films that should never had been made. | Full Review...
Mad Max: Fury Road
Nathan M Rose |  May 14, 2015
"What a lovely, lovely day"In a world plagued by teenage dystopian cannon fodder, such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, Max Rockatansky has come to save us from this pl... | Full Review...
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Nathan M Rose |  May 01, 2015
The studio to finally take stock and possibly figure out that Marvel worked a lot better when it was the director making the decisions for the creative path of the film, and not executives wondering which power tie looks best at a meetings. | Full Review...
The Pyramid
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 23, 2015
The Pyramid is an unfortunate film that should not have been made. | Full Review...
The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 20, 2015
.While the original Woman in Black was a genuinely creepy ghost story that had a defined beginning, middle, and end, The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death seemed like a quick money grab by the studios that ultimately failed. | Full Review...
Taken 3
Nathan M Rose |  Apr 07, 2015
I was a huge fan of the original Taken film, but this film just does not hold any emotional sway over me. | Full Review...

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