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Ready Player One
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 28, 2018
Even though it runs over two hours long, You become so engrossed in the story and the visuals that you don’t notice the length – which says a lot about Ready Player One.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 26, 2018
Sometimes the technology of 4K can be problematic with special effects especially in older films but that is not the case here. The 2160p resolution of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is fantastic, especially when viewing the final fight scene.
The Handmaid's Tale: Season 1
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 26, 2018
Very well written, acted and produced, The Handmaid's Tale definitely showcases some of what is great about television these days.
Pacific Rim: Uprising
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 22, 2018
While not as good as the original, Pacific Rim: Uprising offers a couple of laughs, some fairly strong action sequences and a seemingly plausible story continued from the original.
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 20, 2018
Ferdinand offers a timeless message of acceptance and inclusion while combining Hispanic culture and a lesson in bullfighting.
LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures, Vol. 2
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 19, 2018
Lego has infused their movie and television properties with lots of fun and some great jokes and Lego Star Wars: The Freeman Adventures is no exception.  The second Season offers more plot than the first one but the series overall is enjoyable and fun.
The Shape of Water
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 19, 2018
There are numerous reasons why The Shape of Water won several Oscar awards.  It’s an interesting story that is beautifully acted and masterfully directed.
Tomb Raider
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 14, 2018
Vikander had been on an upward trajectory career wise for the last few years and playing this well-known action heroine is just another feather in her cap.
I, Tonya
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 12, 2018
Well written and terrifically acted, I, Tonya approaches the whole story from several interesting angles.
Loving Vincent
Allison Hazlett-Rose |  Mar 08, 2018
Loving Vincent is an unusual viewing experience that is not to be missed.

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